Free iTunes Gift Cards Codes Online 2017

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Background info Before you sign up, I believe it is important that you know how this site works. You earn points by completing Free “offers,” which can be redeemed on to buy stuff(in this case a iTunes gift code).

An offer is usually a survey from an advertiser, and each time you complete an offer, the advertiser pays you money. You can earn points other ways too, like playing games, sweepstakes, etc.

  1. On this site, 100 Points equal $1. If you are from the US or the UK, you will receive 250 towards your iTunes code just for signing up!
  2. I recommend immediately spending these sign-up points on something small to go up in rank and so you can prove to yourself that this is real if you believe this is a scam.
  3. You DO NOT need referrals or a credit card to earn an iTunes gift card code, unlike most other sites.

How To Get:

Sign-up to get your free iTunes gift cards code from Amazon. You can order unlimited iTunes codes, just keep earning points for each one if you wish! Or you can order any gift code that you want, just choose it instead of an iTunes code!

Sign-up: The first step to an iTunes card code is signing-up. If you haven’t yet, sign-up below. It is important that you only sign up once, use valid information, and are from the US, CA, or the UK.

One account per household/IP address is allowed, and you must be at least 13 to use the site. You will NEVER be spammed or contacted for joining the site. You have nothing to lose for signing up!

Completing an offer: Now that you have signed up and verified your email, it is
time to complete a few offers and earns an iTunes gift card code :). To learn how to complete an offer successfully, click the “Earn Points” tab at the top of the screen.

You should see the offer titled “Watch the ‘Points2shop’ Introduction Video” come up as number one in the list of offers.

Click the “Visit Offer” button and watch the instructional video. Once the video is finished, click the “Mark as Completed.” button.

Not only will you learn how the site works, but you will also complete your first offer. Before you begin completing survey offers, there are a few steps you should take to ensure you receive your points for your iTunes gift.

  • Make sure that you are usingĀ either Firefox or Internet Explorer.
  • Go to and register a phone number.
  • Make a new email address.
  • Before completing an offer, clear your cookies and your cache.

Visit And complete the offer. If the offer asks you for a phone number/email address, use the new ones you created. However, always use your real address. You WILL NOT recieve anything; most companies cannot afford to send out so much mail.

Once you are done, mark the offer as completed, clear your cookies and cache, and complete another offer if you wish. When you are first starting out, completing offers may seem like a waste of time, but the points will add up quickly, and you will find ways to complete offers quickly. As long as you put in a bit of effort, you will easily get your gift cards.

Take a small rest once in a while from completing offers. You can always play games on the site to earn points also.


When you have enough points to buy whatever gift you want, you can go to The rewards gallery and purchase a prize with your points! A $25 iTunes gift codes costs 2699 points, including shipping.

You may also cash out to your PayPal account or have a code sent to your email. You may earn unlimited gifts, just keep earning points for each one. If you have additional questions, just ask in the points2shop shoutbox or check the FAQ. Good luck, and enjoy your certificates.